Halloween Horrors 2020: Theme Announcement & Rules

Horror And Sons

Greetings, you ghastly ghoulies! It’s time to reveal the theme for this year’s Halloween Horrors contributor’s series! However, before we do that, let’s briefly explain what the Halloween Horrors series is, in the rare circumstance that you are just discovering this event for the first time! Ok, maybe it’s not that rare.

I started the Halloween Horrors series back in 2015 as a way for a few friends of the site (most of whom are longtime friends in my “real” life) and myself to celebrate the Halloween season (that so many of us love and eagerly anticipate each new year) with articles, reviews, essays, and personal accounts; highlighting the films that remind us of the Halloween season.  As the series has continued, attracting new contributors each year, I started adding a “theme”; a general guideline that entrants had to attempt to adhere to when selecting the topic that they chose to…

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